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Research Progress of Mo-Re Alloys

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    The "Re effect" makes the physical and chemical, thermoelectric, mechanical, and processing and welding properties of Mo have been comprehensively improved. Mo-Re alloys are widely used in advanced nuclear energy, aerospace, electronics, biomedical and other fields due to their good comprehensive properties. In particular, its excellent radiation resistance, compatibility with nuclear fuels and alkali metal coolants, neutron characteristics and other nuclear physical properties make it the first choice for core structural materials in space nuclear reactors. In this paper, the research status of Mo-Re alloys is systematically reviewed from four aspects: crystal structure, microstructure, properties, preparation, processing and application, and its development prospect is prospected.

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[Chang Tian, Gao Xuanqiao, Lin Xiaohui, Liang Jing, Xin Tian, Li Yan Chao. Research Progress of Mo-Re Alloys[J]. Rare Metal Materials and Engineering,2023,52(1):388~397.]
DOI:10.12442/j. issn.1002-185X.20211091

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  • Published: February 08,2023