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邹黎明,毛新华,胡可,刘辛.采用图像分析技术对球形Ti-6Al-4V粉末粒形的定量分析[J].稀有金属材料与工程(英文),2020,49(3):950~955.[Zou Liming,Mao Xinhua,Hu Ke and Liu Xin.Quantitative Analysis for the Shape Indicator of Spherical Ti-6Al-4V Powder by Image Analysis Method[J].Rare Metal Materials and Engineering,2020,49(3):950~955.]
Quantitative Analysis for the Shape Indicator of Spherical Ti-6Al-4V Powder by Image Analysis Method
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Received:January 09, 2019  Revised:July 18, 2019
Key words: image analysis method  spherical powder  titanium alloy  shape indicator
Foundation item:广东省国际合作专项(2018A050506010);广东省公益研究与能力建设专项(2017A070701029);广东省重大科技专项(2018B090904004);广东省协同创新与平台环境建设专项(2017A050503004);广东省科学院实施创新驱动发展能力建设专项(2018GDASCX-0117);广州市国际合作专项(201907010030);广州市科技计划专项(ZWY201704003)
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Zou Liming,Mao Xinhua,Hu Ke and Liu Xin  
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      The shape indicators of sperical Ti-6Al-4V powders prepared by four kinds of method were quantitatively analyzed by image analysis technology, The sphericity, ellipticity, outgrow and roughness were measured . The results show the mean sphericity of powders is all above 90%. Sphericity of powders reduces sequentially from plasma rotating electrode process(PREP),plasma torch atomization(PA), plasma inert gas atomization(PIGA) to electrode inert gas atomization(EIGA), while the corresponding roughness successively increases. Satellite ball adhesion on the powder surface increases in turn from PREP, PA, EIGA to PIGA.For powders prepared by PREP method, the finer the particle size range, the higher the sphericity and the smaller the average roughness.The difference of shape indicator is related to the principle of preparation methods. The shape indicator of metal powder can be scientific quantitative analyzed by image analysis technology.