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范世钢.,豆志河.,张廷安,张博文,牛丽萍.多级深度还原法直接制备钛粉[J].稀有金属材料与工程(英文),2020,49(3):1020~1023.[Fan Shigang.,Dou Zhihe.,Zhang Ting-an,Zhang Bowen and Niu Liping.Direct preparation of titanium powder by multistage deep reduction[J].Rare Metal Materials and Engineering,2020,49(3):1020~1023.]
Direct preparation of titanium powder by multistage deep reduction
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Received:January 17, 2019  Revised:July 14, 2019
Key words: Multi-stage deep reduction  reduced titanium powder  TiO2 reduction
Foundation item:重点基础研发计划(项目编号2017YFB0305401-2);中央直属高校基本业务费(项目编号:N172506009、N170908001)
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Fan Shigang.,Dou Zhihe.,Zhang Ting-an,Zhang Bowen and Niu Liping  
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      Titanium is an important strategic commercial metal. At present, the titanium industry is based on the high-energy Kroll process. At present, electrochemical methods and metal thermal reduction methods have different degrees of difficulty in preparing elemental titanium.There is a technical bottleneck in the preparation of metallic titanium powder by conventional thermal reduction of TiO2 with calcium, magnesium, or other metals, such as low efficiency and incomplete deoxidation. Based on the thermodynamic equilibrium characteristics of the step-by-step reduction of TiO2, a comparative study method was used, and the thermodynamic and kinetic differences between magnesia and calcium heat reduction of TiO2 were investigated in this paper. Considering the difference in the electronegativity between magnesium and calcium, a new idea was put forward that the primary reduction product is prepared through a primary reduction process of TiO2 in the form of magnesiothermic self–propagation high–temperature synthesis (SHS), and then the reduced titanium powder is obtained through the primary reduction product for a deep calcium-thermal reduction reaction. The reduction degree and mechanism of TiO2 during the primary magnesium thermal reaction and deoxidation mechanism of primary reduction products in different deep reduction modes were investigated in this paper. The results showed that it is more conducive to undergo complete deoxygenation such that the primary reduction product is first acid-impregnated followed by deep calciothermic reduction. High purity reduced titanium powder with a final oxygen content of only 0.21% and purity greater than 99.0% was obtained.