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娄燕鹏,史文祥,张新奇.钛合金阀门抗冲击性能分析[J].稀有金属材料与工程(英文),2020,49(3):916~920.[LOU Yan-peng,SHI Wenxiang and ZHANG Xin-qi.Impact Resistance Analysis of Titanium Alloy Valve[J].Rare Metal Materials and Engineering,2020,49(3):916~920.]
Impact Resistance Analysis of Titanium Alloy Valve
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Received:January 28, 2019  Revised:August 12, 2019
Key words: Response spectrum  Impact resistant  Titanium alloy  Angle globe valve
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LOU Yan-peng,SHI Wenxiang and ZHANG Xin-qi  
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      The impact resistance performance of Marine titanium alloy valves was analyzed in this paper, according to the equipment grade, installation location and the parameters specified in GJB 1060.1-91 "requirements for mechanical environment of ship environmental conditions".Taking angle globe valve as an example, the modal and impact resistance performance was analyzed with response spectrum analysis method, and the modal frequency and three-way stress of titanium alloy valve was obtained. The impact resistance performance was verified by test method. After that, different types of common materials were analyzed with the same angle globe valve, and the impact resistance was obtained. The results show that the response spectrum analysis method could provide an effective reference for the impact performance of the valve. In addition, the stress distribution is greatly affected by the structure, little by the material, and the maximum stress value is greatly affected by the material, while the model is impacted. Finally, the impact resistance of valves with the same construction was from high to low for TA31, TA2, QAl10-5-5 and 06Cr19Ni10.In this paper, the impact resistance of valve was analyzed and studied by means of simulation analysis and test method, which provided a reference for the engineering design of this kind of valve.