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宋德军,牛龙,杨胜利.船舶海水管路钛合金应用技术研究[J].稀有金属材料与工程(英文),2020,49(3):1100~1104.[Song Dejun,Niu Long and Yang ShengLi.Research on Application Technology of Titanium Alloy in Marine Pipeline[J].Rare Metal Materials and Engineering,2020,49(3):1100~1104.]
Research on Application Technology of Titanium Alloy in Marine Pipeline
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Received:February 01, 2019  Revised:July 25, 2019
Key words: Seawater Pipeline  Titanium Alloy  Welding  Bending  Corrosion Protection, Marine Biofouling
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Song Dejun,Niu Long and Yang ShengLi  
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      Titanium alloys have become the hot spot of material selection for future warships because of their high specific strength and excellent seawater corrosion resistance. In order to promote the application and popularization of titanium alloys in marine pipelines, this paper mainly analyses the research work on material selection, welding technology, pipe bending technology, corrosion protection and marine biofouling prevention of titanium alloys.