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刘文胜,吴亚瑜,马运柱,张佳佳,叶晓珊.W17.9Ni65.6B13.5V3非晶合金的非等温晶化动力学研究[J].稀有金属材料与工程(英文),2017,46(10):3048~3052.[Liu Wensheng,Wu Yayu,Ma Yunzhu,Zhang Jiajia and Ye Xiaoshan.Non-isothermal Crystallization Kinetics of W17.9Ni65.6B13.5V3 Amorphous Alloy[J].Rare Metal Materials and Engineering,2017,46(10):3048~3052.]
Non-isothermal Crystallization Kinetics of W17.9Ni65.6B13.5V3 Amorphous Alloy
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Received:June 24, 2015  Revised:November 23, 2015
Key words: W-Ni-based amorphous alloy, amorphous ribbon, crystallization kinetics, activation energy
Foundation item:国家自然科学基金资助(项目号50774098)
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Liu Wensheng,Wu Yayu,Ma Yunzhu,Zhang Jiajia and Ye Xiaoshan  
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      W17.9Ni65.6B13.5V3(at. %)amorphous alloy was prepared by melt spinning method. X-ray diffraction pattern and differential scanning calorimeter were applied to investigate non-isothermal crystallization kinetics of the amorphous alloy. As the heating rate was increased, the values of the glass transition temperature, the initial crystallization temperature and the peak temperature were gone up, suggesting that the amorphous alloy had obvious crystallization kinetics. The crystallization activation energy of W17.9Ni65.6B13.5V3 amorphous alloy calculated by Kissinger equations and Ozawa equations was 456.9kJ/mol and 471.1kJ/mol, respectively, indicating that the amorphous alloy possessed high thermal stability. The values of crystallization activation energy Ex were smaller than nucleation activation energy Ep calculated by Kissinger equation and Ozawa equation at the characteristics of the temperature, which showed that nucleation process more easily than the grain growth process, indicating that ultrafine grains structure could be easily obtained at certain conditions.