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刘伟,刘丽,宋贺,熊珊,杜伟,赵相金.剪切带修复对Pd基块体非晶合金腐蚀性能的影响[J].稀有金属材料与工程(英文),2017,46(10):3053~3057.[LiuWei,Liu Li,Song He,Xiong Shan,Du Wei,Zhao Xiangjin.Self-healing Effect on the Corrosion Resistance of the Pd-based Amorphous Alloys[J].Rare Metal Materials and Engineering,2017,46(10):3053~3057.]
Self-healing Effect on the Corrosion Resistance of the Pd-based Amorphous Alloys
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Received:June 24, 2015  Revised:August 23, 2015
Key words: Pd-based bulk metallic glass  self-repaired  electrochemical experiments  corrosion behaviors
Foundation item:国家自然科学基金资助(项目号51101133和51101134),山东省优秀中青年科学家科研奖励基金(项目号BS2012CL036),山东省自然科学基金(项目号ZR2011EL025)
Author NameAffiliationE-mail
LiuWei Yantai University lw418181108@126.com 
Liu Li 烟台大学  
Song He 烟台大学  
Xiong Shan 烟台大学  
Du Wei 烟台大学  
Zhao Xiangjin Yantai University zl2915@ytu.edu.cn 
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      Abstract:The self-healing effect on corrosion behaviors of Pd79Cu4Au2Si10P5 amorphous alloy in 3 wt.% NaCl and 1 mol/L HCl solutions was studied by potentiodynamic polarization experiments and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS). The results of potentiodynamic polarization experiments show that the self-healing sample has better corrosion resistance than the unrepaired sample, but the as-cast sample has the best corrosion resistance. EIS results show that the Nyquist figures of all the studied samples are composed of one single semi-circle in the state of open circuit potential. The repaired sample has a higher charge transfer reaction resistance than the unrepaired sample, and the as-cast sample has the highest charge transfer reaction resistance. This result is accord with that of potentiodynamic polarization. Surface analysis by SEM shows that all the samples are eroded by pitting corrosion. The pitting density on the surface of the as-cast sample is the least, and that of the un-healing sample is the most.