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赵成磊,刘纪德,李金国,裴文利,赵镶.快速凝固对DZ98M成分合金微观组织的影响[J].稀有金属材料与工程(英文),2017,46(10):2999~3004.[ZHAO Chenglei,LIU Jide,LI Jinguo,PEI Wenli,ZHAO Xiang.Influences on Microstructure of DZ98M Composition of the Alloy by Rapid Solidification[J].Rare Metal Materials and Engineering,2017,46(10):2999~3004.]
Influences on Microstructure of DZ98M Composition of the Alloy by Rapid Solidification
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Received:July 11, 2015  Revised:December 01, 2015
Key words: laser additive material manufacturing  dendrite segregation  microstructure  superalloy.
Foundation item:中央高校基本科研业务费重大创新项目(N130810002),国家高技术研究发展计划(863计划)(SS2014AA041701)
Author NameAffiliationE-mail
ZHAO Chenglei Institute of Metal Research djliu@imr.ac.cn 
LIU Jide Institute of Metal Research djliu@imr.ac.cn 
LI Jinguo Institute of Metal Research  
PEI Wenli KeySLaboratorySforSAnisotropySandSTextureSofSMaterials,SMinistrySofSEducation,SNortheasternSUniversity  
ZHAO Xiang KeySLaboratorySforSAnisotropySandSTextureSofSMaterials,SMinistrySofSEducation,SNortheasternSUniversity  
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      In this paper a Ni-based superalloyalloy was fabricated by laser additive manufacturing technology(LEN98M) and by trainditional directional solidification (DZ98M), respectively. The solidification morphology, microstructures, elements segregation are systematically investigated by using optical microscope(OM), scanning electron microscope(SEM), energy dispersive spectroscopy(EDS), X-ray diffraction(XRD), electron microprobe(EPMA), differential thermal analysis(DTA). The results show that the primary dendrite arm spacing of the LEN98M alloy is 70 μm and reduced as 1/5 of the DZ98M alloy. There is a serious segregation of alloying elements in the range of dendrite scale. The morphology of γ? phase are irregular and no precipitation of carbides observed in as-casted LEN98M alloy. There are smaller γ/γ? eutectic dispersed in interdendritic regions.