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周鑫,徐玲,姚爱华,王德平.Ag/TiO2多孔阵列作为可再生的SERS活性基底[J].稀有金属材料与工程(英文),2017,46(12):3853~3857.[Zhou Xin,Xu Ling,Yao Aihua and Wang Deping.Ag/TiO2 Nanopore Array for A Recyclable SERS Active Substrates[J].Rare Metal Materials and Engineering,2017,46(12):3853~3857.]
Ag/TiO2 Nanopore Array for A Recyclable SERS Active Substrates
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Received:September 22, 2015  Revised:March 17, 2016
Key words: TiO2 nanopore array  Ag  surface enhanced Raman scattering  recyclability
Foundation item:国家自然科学基金资(项目号50702037)、上海市自然科学基金(项目号13ZR1444200)及中央高校基本科研业务费专项基金资助
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Zhou Xin,Xu Ling,Yao Aihua and Wang Deping  
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      :TiO2 nanopore array was firstly prepared by three-stepped anodization process, and subsequently Ag nanoparticles with sizes of 30 nm were deposited on TiO2 nanoarray through a continuous ion layer adsorption. The resulting Ag/TiO2 nanopore array was then used as a surface enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) active substrate, and their uniformity, stability and recyclability were investigated. The results showed that the Ag/TiO2 substrates delivered a detection limit of up to ~10-7 mol/L under excitation at 532 nm. Moreover, the substrates exhibited outstanding uniformity and stability. The Ag/TiO2 nanoarray also conducted photocatalysis decomposition of adsorbed R6G molecules after 30 min irradiation under simulated solar light, exhibiting high recyclability. Such a Ag/TiO2 nanopore array has great potential as an ideal SERS active substrate due to its highly ordered structure and excellent properties.