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肖大武,何立峰,邱志聪,邹东利.温度对U-5.7Nb合金动态压缩力学性能影响研究[J].稀有金属材料与工程(英文),2018,47(1):363~366.[Xiao Dawu,He Lifeng,Qiu Zhicong and Zou Dongli.Dynamic Compression Behavior of U-5.7Nb Alloy at Elevated Temperatures[J].Rare Metal Materials and Engineering,2018,47(1):363~366.]
Dynamic Compression Behavior of U-5.7Nb Alloy at Elevated Temperatures
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Received:October 13, 2015  Revised:November 26, 2015
Key words: U-5.7Nb alloy  temperature  strain rate  dynamic compression
Foundation item:国防科技重点实验室基金(项目号9140C660201140C66275),中物院科学发展基金资助(项目号2014B0301046, 2015B0301066)
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Xiao Dawu,He Lifeng,Qiu Zhicong and Zou Dongli  
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      High strain rate compression experiments of U-5.7Nb alloy were conducted at temperatures from -100℃ to 400℃ with split Hopkinson pressure bar apparatus. Results show that the compressive stress-strain response depends sensitively on the applied strain rate and test temperature. The yield stress of U-5.7Nb alloy was found to decreased rapidly with the increasing temperature at a rate of about 2MPa/℃, while the work hardening rate was relatively constant. At temperatures higher than 200℃,the shape of the stress~strain curves changed from duplex yield character to elastic-plastic character for both quasi-static and dynamic compression experiments. The hardening modulus caused by detwinning and the yield stress increased obviously with the increasing strain rates. Finally,the divergency of the low- and high-rate deformation curves at temperature of 400℃ was discussed based on the optical micrography.