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谢波,周芸,郭坤山,钟浩,左孝青.CaCl2作为造孔剂制备泡沫青铜的结构和力学性能[J].稀有金属材料与工程(英文),2018,47(1):279~285.[Xie Bo,Zhou Yun,Guo Kunshan,Zhong Hao,ZuoXiaoqing.Microstructure and Mechanic Properties of Bronze FoamsPrepared with CaCl2 as Space Holder[J].Rare Metal Materials and Engineering,2018,47(1):279~285.]
Microstructure and Mechanic Properties of Bronze FoamsPrepared with CaCl2 as Space Holder
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Received:November 02, 2015  Revised:December 31, 2015
Key words: bronze foam  CaCl2  powder metallurgy  mechanical properties
Foundation item:国家自然科学基金(51264024);云南省自然科学基金重点项目(2010CC004)
Author NameAffiliationE-mail
Xie Bo Kunming University of Science and Technology yunzangsuiyue@163.com 
Zhou Yun Kunming University of Science and Technology zyuncrystal@yahoo.com 
Guo Kunshan Kunming University of Science and Technology  
Zhong Hao Kunming University of Science and Technology  
ZuoXiaoqing Kunming University of Science and Technology  
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      Bronze powder was used as the raw material and calcium chloride as the space holder. The open cell?bronze foams have been fabricated by sintering and dissolution process (SDP). By varying the volume percentage and the size of the space holder, the bronze foams with porosity ranging from 70% to 90%, and cell size from 1 to 3 mm were produced successfully. The relation between the volume percentage of the space holder and the porosity of?bronze foams was investigated, and the effects of porosity and pore size on the mechanic property of bronze foams were also studied. The pore structure, phase composition and micro structure of bronze foams were observed and analyzed. The experimental results show that plateau stress of bronze foams increases with the decrease of porosity, and the plateau stress is in the range from 12.6 to 2.6 MPa with the porosity of ranging between 77% and 89%. The energy absorption per unit volume (W) of bronze foams with the porosity between 77% and 89% is in the range of 33.5~5.1MJ/m3 when strain is 50%. The maximum ideality energy absorption efficiency is about 0.82. All the results indicate that the bronze foam is a kind of energy absorption material.