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丁坤英,于建海.含有闭孔的镍基合金涂层压缩过程中的力学性能[J].稀有金属材料与工程(英文),2018,47(1):219~222.[Ding Kunying,Yu Jianhai.Mechanical properties of porous Ni-based Coating during compress process[J].Rare Metal Materials and Engineering,2018,47(1):219~222.]
Mechanical properties of porous Ni-based Coating during compress process
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Received:November 03, 2015  Revised:April 27, 2016
Key words: Ni-based alloy  Closed pore  Elasticity moudulus  Elasticity deforming scope  Thermal expansion coefficient
Foundation item:国家自然基金资助项目(51501222),天津市应用基础与前沿技术研究计划资助项目(14JCQNJC06800),中央高校基本科研业务费中国民航大学专项资助项目(3122015L001)
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Ding Kunying College of Science,Civil Aviation University of China dingkunying@126.com 
Yu Jianhai College of Science,Civil Aviation University of China  
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      A porous Ni-based coating was fabricated by plasma spraying and subsequent remelt method. The microstructure, thermal expansion coefficient and mechanical properties during compress process were analyzed by scanning electron microscope (SEM), micro-hardness tester, thermophysical properties instruments and so on. The results show that the closed and spherical pore with 30-100 μm diameter formed in the remelt coating. The elasticity moudulus of the porous coating descend 69.5% and elasticity deforming scope ascend 68.7% with the porocity ascend to 30.6% from 0.53%. The average linear thermal expansion coefficient increased with the decreasing of porosity in the temperature scope between 40 and 220 ℃. The improvment of elasticity deforming scope of Ni-based alloy due to the formation of closed pore resulted in the decline of thermal expansion coefficient, to achieve the purpose of low thermal expansion and high recoverability.