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马栋,王波.高热负荷作用下钨的热疲劳损伤研究[J].稀有金属材料与工程(英文),2018,47(3):867~870.[madong,wangbo.Study on Thermal Fatigue Damage of Tungsten under High Heat Load[J].Rare Metal Materials and Engineering,2018,47(3):867~870.]
Study on Thermal Fatigue Damage of Tungsten under High Heat Load
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Received:January 27, 2016  Revised:March 13, 2016
Key words: Recrystallization tungsten  Thermal fatigue damage  Roughness  Hardness
Foundation item:国家自然科学基金项目(面上项目,重点项目,重大项目);国家重点基础研究发展计划(973计划)
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madong Beijing university of technology madong@emails.bjut.edu.cn 
wangbo Beijing university of technology wangbo@bjut.edu.cn 
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      The performance of thermal fatigue damage of crystalline tungsten variation at different cycles was studied in power of 141.5 MW/m2,by electron beam thermal fatigue test system which was built independently in laboratory. Changes in surface topography after thermal shock in many cycles were observed by scanning electron microscopy (SEM). Changes of three-dimensional morphology and surface roughness were detected by Atomic force microscope (AFM).and the surface hardness was tested after thermal fatigue. Results show that: with the increase of the cyclic number, thermal fatigue damage intensifies. The surface roughness measured with changes linearly with the cyclic number; the surface hardness increased firstly then decreased because of the performance of fatigue hardening.