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王晓民,王志新,喇学伟,张廷安.电解工艺参数对铟微粉纯度和粒度的影响(I)[J].稀有金属材料与工程(英文),2017,46(10):3151~3155.[Xiao-min Wang,Zhi-xin Wang,Xue-wei La,Ting-an Zhang.Effect of Electrolytic Process Parameters on the Purity andParticle Size of Indium Powder (I)[J].Rare Metal Materials and Engineering,2017,46(10):3151~3155.]
Effect of Electrolytic Process Parameters on the Purity andParticle Size of Indium Powder (I)
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Received:August 05, 2016  Revised:September 26, 2016
Key words: Indium powder  electrolytic process parameter  powder size  powder characterization
Foundation item:青海省科技厅科技促进计划项目(项目号2014-ZJ-781)
Author NameAffiliationE-mail
Xiao-min Wang School of Mechanical Engineering,Qinghai University ty.com.cn@126.com 
Zhi-xin Wang School of Mechanical Engineering,Qinghai University  
Xue-wei La School of Mechanical Engineering,Qinghai University  
Ting-an Zhang School of Metallurgy,Northeastern University  
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      The effect of indium ion concentration, current density and continuous electrolysis time on the purity and size of the powder by electrolysis process was studied. The results show that:Continuous electrolysis time is longer, the larger sizes of the powder were obtained when the electric parameters are: NaCl concentration is 80g/L, polar distance is 5 cm, thiourea concentration is 0.3 g/L, gelatin concentration is 0.5 g/l, pH = 2.5, Polyvinyl ketone(PVP) is 0.2 g/L. When the current density is 130 A/m2, the particle size of the powder is the smallest, and the purity is the highest. The effect of In3+ concentration on the particle size is the least, but the influence on the purity is the most. Under the conditions of process parameters above and In3+ concentration of 30 g/L, the current density of 130 A/cm2, electrolytic for 1h, the particle size of less than 100 μm indium powder were obtained, which the particle size of less than 30 μm accounted for 75%.