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樊振中,熊艳才,陆政,郑卫东,王端志,孟德浩.真空脱氢对Sr变质ZL114A焊缝组织性能影响研究[J].稀有金属材料与工程(英文),2019,48(1):227~234.[fanzhenzhong,Xiong Yancai,Lu Zheng,Zheng Weidong,Wang Duanzhi and Meng Dehao.Effect of Vacuum Dehydrogenation on Welding Mechanical Properties and Microstructure of ZL114A alloy Modified by Strontium[J].Rare Metal Materials and Engineering,2019,48(1):227~234.]
Effect of Vacuum Dehydrogenation on Welding Mechanical Properties and Microstructure of ZL114A alloy Modified by Strontium
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Received:February 14, 2017  Revised:May 30, 2018
Key words: vacuum dehydrogenation  ZL114A alloy  silicon modification  mechanical properties  microstructure
Foundation item:中国航空工业集团公司北京航空材料研究院基金资助(基金号KJSC160206)
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fanzhenzhong,Xiong Yancai,Lu Zheng,Zheng Weidong,Wang Duanzhi and Meng Dehao  
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      The TIG welding process of ZL114A aluminum alloy that modified by Al-Sr master alloy was obtained by selecting welding vice and wire with different states and thicknesses. The chemical composition of the material was determined by inductively coupled method, and the effect of vacuum dehydrogenation on microstructure and mechanical properties nearby welding region were analyzed by Electronic hydrogen measuring instrument, OM, SEM, EDS, TEM and Universal testing machine. The results show that the hydrogen content decreases from 0.64×10-6 to 0.26×10-6, accompanying with the number of bubbles within 24mm and 12mm thickness reduce 71.4% and 60% individually, the diameter decrease from 2.3mm and 1.8mm to 1.4mm and 1.2mm, together with a reduced surface density by 77.7% and 81.8% after the vacuum dehydrogenation process. The morphology of silicon phase that distribute nearby grain boundaries transforms from needle-like to spherical, the particle size reduces from 106μm to 12μm, the average tensile strength, yield strength, elongation and reduction of area of 12mm thickness are 364MPa, 332MPa, 9.8% and 14.2%. The microstructure under T6 state mainly contains primary α-Al, primary and eutectic Si phase and Mg2Si aging phase, the diameter of brittle Si particle is 4μm, Mg2Si aging phase shows a rod-like morphology and the aspect ratio is 15.2, the shape of dimple changes from elliptical to spherical and the fracture mechanism evolves from intergranular frcture to dimple rupture after vacuum dehydrogenation.