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王欣,陈星,王晓峰,宋颖刚,汤智慧,邹金文.表面完整性对FGH96粉末合金高温低循环疲劳性能的影响研究[J].稀有金属材料与工程(英文),2019,48(1):269~278.[Wang Xin,Chen Xing,Wang Xiaofeng,Song Yinggang,Tang Zhihui and Zou Jinwen.Effect of Surface Integrity on Low-cycle Fatigue of FGH96 Powder Metallurgy Superalloy[J].Rare Metal Materials and Engineering,2019,48(1):269~278.]
Effect of Surface Integrity on Low-cycle Fatigue of FGH96 Powder Metallurgy Superalloy
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Received:May 09, 2017  Revised:September 10, 2017
Key words: Surface integrity  low-cycle fatigue  powder metallurgy superalloy  shot peening
Foundation item:航空基金(2015ZF21017)和中航工业技术创新基金(2013E62137R)
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Wang Xin,Chen Xing,Wang Xiaofeng,Song Yinggang,Tang Zhihui and Zou Jinwen  
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      Ceramic shot and ceramic shot+cast-iron shot were employed to peen the turning surface of FGH96 powder metallurgy superalloy to induce 3 surface integrity statues. Surface topography, residual stress profile and high-temperature low-cycle fatigue performance were investigated of single shot peening (SSP), double shot peening (DSP) and turning statues. The results show that DSP removes turning masks, increases the average roughness Ra, and induce the crater with smooth bottom, which makes the Kurtosis parameter approach 3. Moreover as contrast, SSP with low intensity could only partially eliminate marks. Meanwhile, surface compressive residual stress values are -1000MPa to -1100MPa by SSP and DSP compared with -446MPa by turning, furthermore, the depth of DSP residual stress profile is 250μm, SSP and turning are 100μm. By the effect of perfect DSP surface integrity statue, fatigue cycles increase to 108% compared with turning, and the SSP edges up only 21% in the fatigue condition of 650℃/εt=1.2%. The fatigue life dispersion decreases after peening. The results of macro/microscopic observation and analysis show the fatigue propagation lifes are close of three surface integrity statues while the fatigue initiation lifes vary greatly. The initiation life of DSP is 221% of SSP and 216% of turning. It is important and necessary to optimize the shot peening method for surface integrity promotion and high temperature low-cycle fatigue performance improvement.