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张秋阳,丁红燕,周广宏,王树奇,张临财,夏木建,郭啸栋.Fe2O3在钛合金干滑动磨损及摩擦层形成中的作用[J].稀有金属材料与工程(英文),2019,48(1):159~164.[zhangqiuyang,Ding Hongyan,ZHOU Guanghong,Wang Shuqi,Zhang Lincai,Xia Mujian and Guo Xiaodong.Role of Fe2O3 in Dry Sliding Wear of A Titanium Alloy and Formation of Tribo-Layers[J].Rare Metal Materials and Engineering,2019,48(1):159~164.]
Role of Fe2O3 in Dry Sliding Wear of A Titanium Alloy and Formation of Tribo-Layers
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Received:May 17, 2017  Revised:August 17, 2017
Key words: Titanium Alloy  Tribo-layer  Nano-particles  Wear performance  
Foundation item:国家自然科学基金资助项目 (51701079, 51501067), 江苏省自然科学基金基金 (BK20140458), 江苏省高等学校自然科学研究项目(17KJD430001)
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zhangqiuyang,Ding Hongyan,ZHOU Guanghong,Wang Shuqi,Zhang Lincai,Xia Mujian and Guo Xiaodong  
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      Artificial tribo-layer containing Fe2O3 were induced to form at room temperature by supplying Fe2O3 nanoparticles and its mixtures with TiO2 or MoS2 onto the sliding interfaces of Ti6Al4V alloy and GCr15 steel. The role of Fe2O3, TiO2 and MoS2 on the sliding wear performance of Ti6Al4V alloy was respectively studied. The effect of the relative content of Fe2O3 in artificial tribo-layer on wear behavior and mechanism of Ti6Al4V alloy was also explored. Results showed that Ti6Al4V alloy indeed presented a terrible wear resistance, but it would be changed by the supplied particles. The wear rate of Ti6Al4V alloy was further accelerated by TiO2, was slightly and inappreciably reduced by MoS2, but was completely inhibited by Fe2O3. In the case of supplying TiO2-rich or MoS2-rich particles, they were agglomerated into the grooves or pits on worn surfaces, instead of forming a tribo-layer. For Fe2O3-rich particles, an artificial tribo-layer were noticed to form and cover the worn surfaces. It was confirmed that the improved elevated-temperature wear resistance of titanium alloy was attributed to the appearance of Fe2O3. As the particles of MoS2+80wt.% Fe2O3 were supplied, the tribo-layer possessed both of the lubricating property of MoS2 and the load-carrying ability from Fe2O3, which brought the best performance of friction and wear for Ti6Al4V alloy.