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杜晓清,叶小球,张桂凯,任清波.Pd71.5Cu12Si16.5金属玻璃的氢相关性能[J].稀有金属材料与工程(英文),2018,47(12):3629~3633.[Xiaoqing Du,Xiaoqiu Ye,Guikai Zhang and Qingbo Ren.Hydrogen-related properties of the Pd71.5Cu12Si16.5 metallic glass[J].Rare Metal Materials and Engineering,2018,47(12):3629~3633.]
Hydrogen-related properties of the Pd71.5Cu12Si16.5 metallic glass
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Received:May 24, 2017  Revised:June 20, 2017
Key words: metallic glass  amorphous materials  X-ray diffraction  hydrogen embrittlement  hydrogen permeation properties
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Xiaoqing Du,Xiaoqiu Ye,Guikai Zhang and Qingbo Ren  
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      Pd-based metallic glasses have potential applications in hydrogen-related industry. In the present study, we synthesized Pd71.5Cu12Si16.5 metallic glass as wide ribbons by arc melting and copper roller spinning. Their structures were determined by X-ray diffraction spectra using the conventional X-ray diffractometer and also short wavelength X-ray stress analyzer. Fully glassy state of the ribbons is confirmed. Multiple hydrogen absorption and desorption cycles at room temperature under 100kPa were carried out on the samples. No destruction after more than 10 cycles is observed, which demonstrates good hydrogen embrittlement resistance. The hydrogen permeation properties of the Pd71.5Cu12Si16.5 metallic glass and its crystallized counterpart were further tested using direct permeation method. In the supercooled liquid region, the hydrogen permeation rate is obviously higher for the metallic glass form, which could be explained by the increasing free volumes introduced during isothermal stage in this range.