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陈灿,陈明和,谢兰生,龚宗辉.TA32新型钛合金高温流变行为及本构模型研究[J].稀有金属材料与工程(英文),2019,47(3):827~834.[Chen Can,Chen Minghe,Xie Lansheng and Gong Zonghui.Research on Flow Behavior of TA32 Titanium Alloy at High Temperature and Constitutive Model[J].Rare Metal Materials and Engineering,2019,47(3):827~834.]
Research on Flow Behavior of TA32 Titanium Alloy at High Temperature and Constitutive Model
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Received:July 21, 2017  Revised:September 29, 2017
Key words: TA32 titanium alloy  constitutive model  high temperature flow behavior  regularization method
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Chen Can,Chen Minghe,Xie Lansheng and Gong Zonghui  
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      In order to study the flow behavior of TA32 titanium alloy and set up the constitutive model at high temperature, this paper carries out a tensile experiment at temperatures in the range of 650℃-850℃ and at strain rates of 0.1-0.0001s-1. The result indicated that the TA32 titanium alloy maintains a comprehensive performance at high temperature (about 650℃) . the behavior of tensile process at high temperature arises work hardening and dynamic recovery obviously at the range from 650℃ to 750℃ and low strain rate of 10-1-10-3s-1 while the elongation of TA32 increases enormously and strength decreases clearly as temperature rises to 800℃ . At the mean time, the steady stage of stress occurs. The constitutive model of Arrhenius-type was constructed by using a specific correction method based on statistic and regularization. The comparison shows a more accurate flow predicted stress through modified model against to the conventional least squares model.