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黄红霞,于文婉,王成.Ni-B-C对La0.94Mg0.06Ni3.49Co0.73Mn0.12Al0.20储氢合金电化学性能的影响研究[J].稀有金属材料与工程(英文),2019,48(4):1325~1329.[Huang Hongxia,Yu Wenwan and Wang Cheng.Effect of Ni-B-C on Electrochemical Properties of La0.94Mg0.06Ni3.49Co0.73Mn0.12Al0.20 Hydrogen Storage Alloy[J].Rare Metal Materials and Engineering,2019,48(4):1325~1329.]
Effect of Ni-B-C on Electrochemical Properties of La0.94Mg0.06Ni3.49Co0.73Mn0.12Al0.20 Hydrogen Storage Alloy
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Received:September 25, 2017  Revised:October 30, 2017
Key words: Ni-B-C  hydrogen storage alloy  electrochemical properties
Foundation item:广西自然科学基金(2016GXNSFAA380201),广西电磁化学功能物质重点实验室研究基金 (EMFM20161103)
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Huang Hongxia,Yu Wenwan and Wang Cheng  
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      Ni-B-C powder prepared by ball milling was introduced to improve the electrochemical properties of new AB3-type hydrogen storage alloy La0.94Mg0.06Ni3.49Co0.73Mn0.12Al0.20. X-ray diffraction(XRD) and scanning electron microscope(SEM) were adopted to investigate the phase structure and Surface morphology of the alloy. It suggests that the alloy remains the original LaNi5 and La2Ni7 phases and some little particles appear on the surface of alloy. The addition of Ni-B-C improves the maximum discharge capacity and capacity retention rate. After adding a mass fraction of 10% Ni-B-C, the maximum discharge capacity increased from 346 mAh/g to 363 mAh/g, and the capacity retention rate after 50 cycles increases from 70% to 77%. The exchange current density I0 and the limiting current density IL reach 106 mA/g and 987 mA/g, respectively. Potentiodynamic polarization indicates the corrosion resistance of the electrodes is enhanced. The results show that the Ni-B-C powder can improve the comprehensive electrochemical properties of the hydrogen storage alloy.