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申园园,陈朝轶,李军旗,兰苑培.SOM法电解过细高钛渣制备金属钛[J].稀有金属材料与工程(英文),2019,48(5):1671~1676.[Shen Yuanyuan,Chen Chaoyi,LI Jun-qi and Lan Yuan-pei.Preparation of Titanium by SOM Electrolytic Process from Ultrafine High Titanium Slag[J].Rare Metal Materials and Engineering,2019,48(5):1671~1676.]
Preparation of Titanium by SOM Electrolytic Process from Ultrafine High Titanium Slag
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Received:November 11, 2017  Revised:November 30, 2017
Key words: Solid Oxide Membrane (SOM)  ultrafine high titanium slag  titanium  deoxidization process  impurities removing
Foundation item:国家自然科学基金资助(51664005,51574095,51474079);黔教合KY字(2015)334号;黔科合人才团队(2015)4005号;黔教合平台人才(2016)5626号
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Shen Yuanyuan,Chen Chaoyi,LI Jun-qi and Lan Yuan-pei  
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      In order to recycle the ultrafine high titanium slag produced in TiCl4 production process, the titanium slag was sintered and employed as the cathode in a Solid Oxide Membrane (SOM) electrolytic process in molten CaCl2 to prepare metal Ti. The deoxidization process of the cathode and the behavior of impurities removing were studied at an electrolytic temperature of 1150 ℃with an electrolytic voltage of 3.5 V. Results showed with the increasing of electrolytic time, the size and porosity of cathode was decreased while the particle size in cathode was increased, and after 6 hours electrolyzing metal titanium was obtained which indicated the SOM process offered a high current efficiency. The deoxidization process of this electrolysis process was carried out as: TiO2→CaTiO3 →Ca(Ti2O4) → TiO→ Ti. Results also indicated the impurities which included Al, Mn, Fe, and Si were mostly reduced to corresponding elementary substance, which were moved into melting CaCl2. A small amount of residual impurities in cathode can be removed by washing with dilute hydrochloric acid.