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王翠萍,林远靖,卢勇,魏振帮,张晏清,韩佳甲,刘兴军.Ni-Nb-Ti三元系富Ni侧fcc相的互扩散及原子迁移率参数研究[J].稀有金属材料与工程(英文),2019,48(6):1803~1808.[wangcuiping,linyuanjing,luyong,魏振帮,zhangyanqing,hanjiajia and liuxingjun.Interdiffusion and Atomic Mobilities in Ni-rich fcc Ni-Nb-Ti Alloys[J].Rare Metal Materials and Engineering,2019,48(6):1803~1808.]
Interdiffusion and Atomic Mobilities in Ni-rich fcc Ni-Nb-Ti Alloys
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Received:January 11, 2018  Revised:January 25, 2018
Key words: Ni-Nb-Ti alloys  Atomic mobility  Interdiffusion coefficients  Diffusion couples  DICTRA
Foundation item:国家重点研发项目计划 ,国家自然科学基金项目(面上项目,重点项目,重大项目),国家重点基础研究发展计划(973计划)
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wangcuiping,linyuanjing,luyong,魏振帮,zhangyanqing,hanjiajia and liuxingjun  
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      Experimental diffusion data in Ni-rich fcc Ni-Nb-Ti alloys at 1273 K was measured by electronic-probe microanalysis and the interdiffusion coefficients have been determined using Whittle and Green method. The atomic mobilities of Ni, Nb and Ti in Ni-Nb-Ti alloys have been obtained through assessing the interdiffusion data critically with the DICTRA software. Comprehensive comparisons between calculated and experimental diffusion coefficients showed that the atomic mobilities obtained in this work could well reproduce the experimental data. And the validity of the diffusion mobilities was tested by simulating the concentration-distance profiles and diffusion paths in diffusion couples.