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陈蓉,胥钧耀,张丁非,余大亮,冯靖凯.不同Y含量对ZM21镁合金组织和力学性能的影响[J].稀有金属材料与工程(英文),2019,48(7):2084~2090.[chen Rong,Xu Junyao,Zhang Dingfei,Yu Daliang and Feng Jingkai.Effect of Y on the microstructure and mechanical properties of Mg-2Zn-1Mn alloy[J].Rare Metal Materials and Engineering,2019,48(7):2084~2090.]
Effect of Y on the microstructure and mechanical properties of Mg-2Zn-1Mn alloy
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Received:February 04, 2018  Revised:May 09, 2018
Key words: Mg-Zn-Mn alloy  Yttrium  microstructure  mechanical properties  texture
Foundation item:国家自然科学基金项目(面上项目,重点项目,重大项目),国家重点基础研究发展计划(973计划)
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chen Rong,Xu Junyao,Zhang Dingfei,Yu Daliang and Feng Jingkai  
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      The microstructure and mechanical response of as-cast and extruded Mg-2Zn-1Mn-xY alloys (Y content of 0, 0.8 and 2.2 wt.%) have been investigated by optical microscope (OM), scanning electron microscope (SEM) with X-ray energy dispersive spectrometer (EDS), and X-ray diffractometer (XRD). The experiment results reveal that the addition of Y not only decrease the grain sizes of both as-cast and extruded alloys, but also effectively reduce the basal texture intensity of extruded alloys. These are two key reasons for the improvement of the strength and ductility of Mg-2Zn-1Mn-xY alloys, simultaneously. The optimized Mg-2Zn-1Mn-xY alloys after extrusion exhibits an attractive mechanical performance. Compared with the matrix material Mg-2Zn-1Mn, its yield strength increases from 164 MPa to 204 MPa, the ultimate tensile strength increases from 237 MPa to 298 MPa and the elongation increases from 12% to 18%.