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周计明,孟海明,李大利,齐乐华,鞠录岩.碳纤维增强镁基复合材料(Cf/AZ91D)层压板杨氏模量的多尺度模拟及预测[J].稀有金属材料与工程(英文),2019,48(7):2068~2073.[Jiming Zhou,Haiming Meng,Dali Li,Lehua Qi and Luyan Ju.Multi-scale Modeling of Carbon Fabric Reinforced Magnesium (Cf/AZ91D) Laminates for Young’s Modulus Prediction[J].Rare Metal Materials and Engineering,2019,48(7):2068~2073.]
Multi-scale Modeling of Carbon Fabric Reinforced Magnesium (Cf/AZ91D) Laminates for Young’s Modulus Prediction
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Received:March 28, 2018  Revised:May 29, 2019
Key words: Multi-scale modeling  Laminated composite  Magnesium matrix composite  Young’s modulus
Foundation item:国家自然科学基金项目(面上项目,重点项目,重大项目),西北工业大学青年教师国际名校访学支持计划,西北工业大学研究生创意创新种子基金
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Jiming Zhou,Haiming Meng,Dali Li,Lehua Qi and Luyan Ju  
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      Multi-scale models for the unidirectional carbon fabric reinforced magnesium laminates were generated according to the characteristics of its realistic microstructure which included the crosswise and lengthwise unit cell model in microscale and structural unit cell model in mesoscale. The macro mechanical property Young’s modulus was calculated from the mesoscale model. The required properties for mesoscale model during simulation was obtained from microscale model. The Young’s modulus for Cf/AZ91D laminates in different layup modes were predicted by use of multi-scale modeling technique and verified by corresponding experiments. It is shown that multi-scale models can be used to predict the Young’s modulus of laminate composites in different layup modes with the same trend but larger than the experimental results a little bit. It is caused by the perfect assumption of no degradation for matrix alloy and fiber during fabrication. The multi-scale modeling technique proposed in this paper is meaningful for the laminate composite design.