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王莹,王鹏,宋文学.改性纳米多孔铜在超级电容器中的应用初探[J].稀有金属材料与工程(英文),2019,47(3):1022~1028.[Wang Ying,Wang Peng and Song WenXue.Initial application exploration of modified nanoporous copper in supercapacitors[J].Rare Metal Materials and Engineering,2019,47(3):1022~1028.]
Initial application exploration of modified nanoporous copper in supercapacitors
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Received:July 03, 2018  Revised:September 04, 2018
Key words: supercapacitor  nanoporous copper  electrode  modification
Foundation item:西安航空学院机电技术研究所科研基金(项目号JDKYJJ2017)
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Wang Ying,Wang Peng and Song WenXue  
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      Supercapacitors are widely used as energy storing device in a wide range of communication, transportation and daily life, including hybrid electric vehicles, new energy collection and conversion, high-power construction machinery, mobile electronic equipment, and so forth. The electrode materials of supercapacitor require effective, controllable porous structure, specific surface area, reasonable pore size distribution, good electrical conductivity and easy molding. Nanoporous copper is a kind of porous material with high conductivity, high specific surface area, controllable aperture and good capacitance. It can be used as a current collector loads more active materials for supercapacitor, and thus greatly improves the energy density of supercapacitor. In addition, the modified nanoporous copper can enhance physical and chemical stabilities of porous copper substrate and retain more active sites. It offers a kind of idea for controllable design electrode of supercapacitors.