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张朝,储茂友,沈剑韵,刘宇阳,白雪.CALPHAD技术在Co基粘结层合金制备中的应用[J].稀有金属材料与工程(英文),2020,49(5):1657~1664.[Zhang Zhao,Chu Maoyou,Shen Jianyun,Liu Yuyang and Bai Xue.Application of CALPHAD Method in the Preparation for Co-based Bond Coating Alloys[J].Rare Metal Materials and Engineering,2020,49(5):1657~1664.]
Application of CALPHAD Method in the Preparation for Co-based Bond Coating Alloys
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Received:March 25, 2019  Revised:May 27, 2019
Key words: CALPHAD  Co-based bond coating alloy  material design  heat treatment
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Zhang Zhao,Chu Maoyou,Shen Jianyun,Liu Yuyang and Bai Xue  
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      The effects of alloying elements on phase equilibria in Co-based bond coating alloys are predicted by CALPHAD method. The results show that Al significantly influences on the precipitation amounts of β` and γ, and Cr has a definite effect on the precipitation of σ. The appropriate contents of Al and Cr elements are determined to be around 13% and 22%, respectively. The results of calculated phase formations and phase changes as a function of temperature are extensively discussed, which indicats that γ begins to precipitate from the matrix β` at 1208 ℃ and reaches the highest content at 974 ℃, then the σ will precipitat. According to the phase transformation, the heat treatment process of the alloy was formulated, dissolved at 1300 ℃ and aged at 1 000 ℃. The alloy samples were prepared by vacuum induction melting. Segregation and the amorphous structure in as-cast alloys was eliminated after the above heat treatment, and the two-phase structure, β`+ γ, of the commercial target is obtained.