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杨益航,李保强,刘文迪,古思勇,张厚安.钼钨合金抗氧化涂层的制备及性能研究[J].稀有金属材料与工程(英文),2020,49(6):2089~2094.[YANG Yihang,LI Baoqiang,LIU Wendi,GU Siyong and ZHANG houan.Preparation and Properties of Anti-oxidation Coatings of Molybdenum-Tungsten Alloy[J].Rare Metal Materials and Engineering,2020,49(6):2089~2094.]
Preparation and Properties of Anti-oxidation Coatings of Molybdenum-Tungsten Alloy
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Received:May 07, 2019  Revised:July 29, 2019
Key words: Mo-W alloy  W content  high temperature  anti-oxidant coating
Foundation item:福建省功能材料及应用重点实验室开放基金(fma2017201);福建省高校创新团队培育计划资助;福建省中青年教师教育科研项目(JAT170401,JAT170402)
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YANG Yihang,LI Baoqiang,LIU Wendi,GU Siyong and ZHANG houan  
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      High temperature oxidation resistant coatings were prepared by nitriding and siliconizing the surface of Mo-W alloys with different tungsten content by in-situ reaction method. The influence of W content on the morphology and microstructure of coating was analyzed by Scanning Electron Microscope and X ray diffraction. The oxidation resistance properties were also evaluated. In addition, the mechanism of anti-oxidant was researched. The results indicate that the amount of silicon seepage on the coating surface decreases as W content in Mo-W alloy increasing, which reveals that the increase of W content can slow down the outward diffusion of Si element effectively. Furthermore, the high temperature oxidation experiment at 1600℃ proves that the Mo-30%W surface coating has the best oxidation resistance, and the oxidation resistance time is up to 327 h. As a result, the increase of tungsten content improves the oxidation resistance of the coating to a certain extent.