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李国君,蔡杰,高承钻,李晨,关庆丰.激光喷丸强化CoCrAlY防护涂层 抗高温氧化性能研究[J].稀有金属材料与工程(英文),2020,49(6):2132~2138.[liguojun,caijie,gaochengzuan,lichen and guanqingfeng.High-Temperature Oxidation Resistance of CoCrAlY Protective Coating Strengthened by Laser Peening[J].Rare Metal Materials and Engineering,2020,49(6):2132~2138.]
High-Temperature Oxidation Resistance of CoCrAlY Protective Coating Strengthened by Laser Peening
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Received:May 13, 2019  Revised:June 24, 2019
Key words: Laser peening  Air Plasma Spraying  CoCrAlY coating  Electric Beam Vacuum Deposition  high temperature oxidation resistance
Foundation item:国家自然科学基金-青年基金(批准号:51601072)、江苏省自然科学基金-青年基金(批准号:BK20160530)、教育部三束材料改性重点实验室开放基金(批准号:KF1805)和江苏省研究生实践创新计划项目(SJCX18_0740)资助的课题
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liguojun,caijie,gaochengzuan,lichen and guanqingfeng  
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      The CoCrAlY coating was deposited on the surface of the nickel-based superalloy by Air plasma spraying (APS). And on this basis, electron beam vacuum deposition (EBVD) method was used to deposit aluminum film on the coating surface in order to increase the Al content. The above two coatings were reinforced by laser peening (LP) technique. X-ray diffraction (XRD) and scanning election microscope (SEM) were used to compare the phase structure, morphology and composition of the CoCrAlY coating before and after LP treatment. The results of microstructural analysis showed that the surface roughness of APS-CoCrAlY coating was decreased, and the microstructure became more compact after LP treatment. The surface Al content of CoCrAlY coating deposited with Al film after LP impact was increased significantly, and the content of β-CoAl phase was increased. The grain size was refined concurrently. The results of high-temperature oxidation test at 1050 °C showed that the oxide film formed on the surface of LP treated coating became smoother and denser than that of the original one, and the thickness of the oxide film was significantly thinner. In addition, the aluminized CoCrAlY coating after LP treatment achieved optimal performance of high-temperature oxidation resistance.