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丁祥,刘源,万坦.泡沫铝三明治结构粉末冶金法制备工艺及泡孔结构优化[J].稀有金属材料与工程(英文),2020,49(10):3452~3459.[DING Xiang,LIU Yuan and WAN Tan.Preparation Technology of Aluminum Foam Sandwich Panels by Powder Metallurgy and Optimization of Cellular Structure[J].Rare Metal Materials and Engineering,2020,49(10):3452~3459.]
Preparation Technology of Aluminum Foam Sandwich Panels by Powder Metallurgy and Optimization of Cellular Structure
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Received:September 27, 2019  Revised:October 23, 2019
Key words: aluminum foam  powder metallurgy  preparation technology  cellular structure
Foundation item:中国博士后科学基金资助(项目号 043215004),安徽省高等学校自然科学研究项目(项目号 KJ2019A0088)
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DING Xiang,LIU Yuan and WAN Tan  
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      The metallurgical bonding of panel and core layer of aluminum foam sandwich can be realized by the powder metallurgy method, and the advantages in the preparation of near net shape aluminum foam part are prominent. Basing on the present situation of domestic research, the preparation process of aluminum foam sandwich by powder metallurgy method was improved, and the cellular structure was optimized in this paper. The results show that the foamable precursor with higher densification degree and metallurgy combination of panel and core layer can be obtained by hot-rolling of the coating panel filled with the core layer, when the density of the core layer powder is 1.12 g/cm3, and at a rolling pressure of 1500 kN, a rolling speed of 0.06 m/s and a rolling reduction rate of 55%. AlMg4Si8 aluminum alloy was selected as a core layer component, and the edge welding seal preprocessing of the steel panel was carried out. In addition, the H2 decomposed at the initial stage of foaming is wrapped by the liquid Sn when the blowing agent TiH2 was pretreated by coating of the low melting point Sn, so that the diffusion of H2 between the voids in the solid matrix was avoided and the generation of cracks was reduced, finally, aluminum foam sandwich with uniform cellular structure and 72.7% porosity can be obtained by foaming of foamable precursor at 720 °C for 300 s.