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高增,巴现礼,杨环宇,尹聪鑫,牛济泰.SiCp/AlMMCs填充含Sc、Ce、Be的TiB2原位增强焊丝与4047焊丝的TIG焊研究[J].稀有金属材料与工程(英文),2020,49(10):3465~3471.[Gao Zeng,Ba Xianli,Yang Huanyu,Yin Congxin and NiuJitai.Study on TIG Welding of TiB2 in situ reinforced Wire and 4047 Wire filled with Sc,Ce,Be filled with SiCp/AlMMCs[J].Rare Metal Materials and Engineering,2020,49(10):3465~3471.]
Study on TIG Welding of TiB2 in situ reinforced Wire and 4047 Wire filled with Sc,Ce,Be filled with SiCp/AlMMCs
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Received:September 29, 2019  Revised:October 28, 2019
Key words: SiCp/6061Al composites  TIG welding  in situ reinforcement  rare earth elements  mechanical properties  microstructure
Foundation item:河南省科技攻关项目资助(182102210312);河南省高等学校重点科研资助项目(15A430007)
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Gao Zeng,Ba Xianli,Yang Huanyu,Yin Congxin and NiuJitai  
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      The mechanical properties, microstructure, fracture morphology and second phase particles of T6 state SiCp/AlMMCs were analyzed by using self-made TiB2 in situ reinforcement and 4047 welding wire as filling materials for TIG welding of T6 state SiCp/AlMMCs. The results show that the weld forming of the two kinds of welding wires is excellent, and the 4047 welding wire is more beautiful, and the tensile strength of TiB2 joint is obviously better than that of ER4047 joint, and the average strength is 171.88 MPA, which is 40.03% higher than that of 4047 joint. TIB2 particles play an in-situ strengthening role. The hardness values of the two joints are approximately symmetrical in the center of the weld, and the hardness of the weld zone is the lowest, the average value is 71.65HV,60.02HV. the "overaging" phenomenon of the hardness in the heat affected zone is obvious, the SiC particles in the weld are less, there is a serious barren zone, and no obvious Al4C3 brittleness is found. The microstructure is dendritic structure, but the dendritic grain of 4047 joint is coarse, the grain size of TiB2 joint is fine, the rare earth element Sc,Ce,Be plays the role of refining grain, and the TiB2 particles are evenly distributed in the weld, and the pores in the fracture surface of TiB2 joint are few, which is tough. The brittle mixed fracture shows that there are more particles in the second phase in the dimple, and there are more pores in the fracture surface of the 4047 joint, which is ductile fracture, and the second phase particles in the dimple are less.