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汪曦,薛政坤,于晓光,杨有泽.镁合金薄板异步轧制的数值模拟与实验研究[J].稀有金属材料与工程(英文),2020,49(11):3724~3733.[Wang Xi,Xue Zhengkun,Yuxiaoguang and Yang Youze.The numerical simulation and experimental research of magnesium alloy sheet asymmetrical rolling[J].Rare Metal Materials and Engineering,2020,49(11):3724~3733.]
The numerical simulation and experimental research of magnesium alloy sheet asymmetrical rolling
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Received:October 23, 2019  Revised:March 18, 2020
Key words: Magnesium Alloy plate  Asymmetrical Rolling  Numerical Simulation  Metallographic Microstructure  Uniaxial Tensile  
Foundation item:1. Research on deformation microstructure evolution mechanism of directional solidified magnesium alloy slab during warm rolling, doctor"s start-up fund of science and technology department of liaoning province (no. : 20170520313), 2017-2019 2. Research and development of directional solidification casting billet for high-performance magnesium alloy, funded by education department of liaoning province (no.: 2016HZPY04), 2016-2019
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Wang Xi,Xue Zhengkun,Yuxiaoguang and Yang Youze  
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      In this paper, numerical simulation technique and experimental study were used, and the effects of different process parameters on the properties of the products of unidirectional asynchronous rolling of magnesium alloy plate are analyzed. We also used ANSYS/LS-DYNA finite element software to complete the numerical simulation and carried out the experimental study of unidirectional asynchronous rolling under different rolling conditions. Besides, the internal structure was observed by metallographic microscope, and the yield, tensile and hardness properties of magnesium alloy plate were tested by tensile testing machine and micro vickers hardness tester.