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王天祥,鲁世强,王克鲁,欧阳德来,姚泉.Ti60合金的热变形行为及工艺参数优化[J].稀有金属材料与工程(英文),2020,49(10):3552~3561.[Wang Tianxiang,Lu Shiqiang,Wang Kelu,OUYANG Delai and Yao Quan.Hot deformation behavior and process parameter optimization of Ti60 alloy[J].Rare Metal Materials and Engineering,2020,49(10):3552~3561.]
Hot deformation behavior and process parameter optimization of Ti60 alloy
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Received:October 31, 2019  Revised:December 10, 2019
Key words: Ti60 alloy  Flow stress behavior  Strain rate sensitive exponent  Strain hardening exponent  Processing map
Foundation item:国家自然科学基金资助(51964034,51761029)江西省研究生创新基金(YC2018-S365)
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Wang Tianxiang,Lu Shiqiang,Wang Kelu,OUYANG Delai and Yao Quan  
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      The isothermal compression tests of Ti60 alloy were conducted on the Thermecmaster-Z thermal simulator at deformation temperature of 600~950℃, strain rate 0.001~10s-1. The hot deformation behavior of Ti60 alloy were investigated, by analyzing the flow stress behavior, calculating the strain rate sensitive exponent m and strain hardening exponent n, along with the processing map and deformation microstructure, to optimize processing parameter. The results show that the flow stress-strain curve of Ti60 alloy presents flow steady state and flow softening respectively at different processing parameters. The strain rate sensitivity exponent m increases with the increase of deformation temperature and decrease of strain rate. The strain hardening exponent n decreases with the increase of deformation temperature. With the increase of strain rate, n increases in the low strain rate (0.001~0.1s-1) and decreases in the high strain rate (1~10s-1). With the increase of strain, n decreased slowly at the low strain rate (0.001~0.1s-1), the high temperature (800~950℃), while which decreased significantly at the high strain rate (1~10s-1) , the high temperature section (800~950℃) and all the strain rates (0.001~10s-1), the low temperature (600~750℃). Ti60 alloy has two peak power dissipation efficiency regions, whose corresponding processing parameter Windows : temperature 725~875℃, strain rate ≤0.003s-1 and temperature 875~938℃, strain rate ≤0.04s-1, respectively. Considering the flow stress behavior, strain rate sensitivity exponent m, strain hardening exponent n and processing map, the optimal thermal processing parameters of Ti60 alloy: temperature 800~875℃, strain rate 0.001~0.003s-1, or temperature 875~938℃, strain rate 0.001~0.04s-1.