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项忠楠,李战江,常发,戴品强.(Ti,W,Mo,Ta,Nb,Zr)(C,N)-(Co,Ni)金属陶瓷的烧结致密化过程研究[J].稀有金属材料与工程(英文),2020,49(10):3562~3568.[Xiang Zhongnan,Li Zhanjiang,Chang Fa and Dai Pinqiang.Study on Sintering Densification Process of (Ti,W,Mo,Ta,Nb,Zr)(C,N)-(CO,Ni) cermet[J].Rare Metal Materials and Engineering,2020,49(10):3562~3568.]
Study on Sintering Densification Process of (Ti,W,Mo,Ta,Nb,Zr)(C,N)-(CO,Ni) cermet
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Received:November 03, 2019  Revised:November 28, 2019
Key words: Cermet  Sintering temperature  Composition  Microstructure  Strength and toughness
Foundation item:福建省科技重大专项资助(2017HZ0001-1),福建省高校产学合作项目资助(2019H6022)
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Xiang Zhongnan,Li Zhanjiang,Chang Fa and Dai Pinqiang  
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      In this paper, the sintering densification process of (Ti,W,Mo,Ta, Nb,Zr)(C,N)-(Co,Ni) based cermet was studied. The effects of sintering process on composition, microstructure and properties were discussed. The results show that during the densification process of (Ti,W,Mo,Ta,Nb,Zr)(C,N)-(Co,Ni) based cermets, the mass loss caused by sintering basically ends at the solid phase sintering stage. When the sintering temperature is above 1340℃, the volume shrinkage and density of the alloy increase sharply due to the appearance of liquid phase. The change of nitrogen content in cermet during the sintering process is consistent with the change of magnetic properties of the alloy, and the nitrogen content has a significant effect on the formation of solid solution. When the sintering temperature is 1490 ℃, the comprehensive mechanical properties of (Ti,W,Mo,Ta,Nb,Zr)(C,N)-(Co,Ni) cermets are the best, and the strength and toughness of the cermets can be further improved by the appropriate control of N2 partial pressure at sintering temperature.