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牛海东,武海军,陈家林,左孝青,周芸.晶粒形态、尺寸对Ag-28Cu-0.75Ni合金超细丝加工及电学性能的影响[J].稀有金属材料与工程(英文),2020,49(10):3590~3596.[Niu Haidong,Wu Haijun,Chen Jialin,Zuo Xiaoqing and Zhou Yun.Effects of Grain Morphology and Size on Processing and Electrical Properties of Ag-28Cu-0.75Ni Alloy Ultra-fine Wire[J].Rare Metal Materials and Engineering,2020,49(10):3590~3596.]
Effects of Grain Morphology and Size on Processing and Electrical Properties of Ag-28Cu-0.75Ni Alloy Ultra-fine Wire
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Received:November 10, 2019  Revised:February 17, 2020
Key words: Ag-28Cu-0.75Ni alloy  grain morphology  grain size  ultra-fine wire processing  resistivity
Foundation item:稀贵金属综合利用新技术国家重点实验室开放课题(SKL-SPM-2018014);国家自然科学(51861020)
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Niu Haidong,Wu Haijun,Chen Jialin,Zuo Xiaoqing and Zhou Yun  
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      In order to explain the reason why the columnar crystal precious metal has excellent ultra-fine wire processing property and high resistance, three kinds of Ag-28Cu-0.75Ni alloy bars, columnar crystal of 20 μm×60 μm, equiaxed crystal of 10 μm, and tri-crystal zone with surface fine crystal of 5 μm + columnar crystal with length diameter ratio of around 3 + core equiaxed crystal of 30 μm, were obtained by horizontal continuous casting, water-cooled copper die casting, and graphite die casting, respectively. The effects of grain morphology and size on the ultra-fine wire processability and resistivity of Ag-28Cu-0.75Ni alloy bars were studied. The results show that, compared with the equiaxed crystal bar and the tri-crystal zone bar, the columnar crystal bar has the lower dislocation density (1.78×1015 m-2), the lowest ratio of micro-hardness change (33.3%), and no cleavage step after the tensile test, thus, it presents the lowest work hardening rate. Besides, the axial tensile strength of as-cast columnar crystal bar is up to 384.6 MPa. Therefore, the ultra-fine wire with the diameter of 0.05 mm and the length of 100 meters or more can be obtained by the high-efficiency continuous wire drawing of the columnar crystal bar. The resistivity of processed and annealed Ag-28Cu-0.75Ni alloy ultra-fine wires that drawn from the columnar crystal bar are higher, after two times continuous annealing, the resistivity of columnar crystal Ag-28Cu-0.75Ni alloy ultra-fine wire is up to 3.68 μΩ.cm, which is related to the lower dislocation density and work hardening rate.