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张磊,田东斌,伍权,曾玉如,郑跃,汤耿.基于多材料打印制备梯度结构电解电容器阳极块[J].稀有金属材料与工程(英文),2020,49(11):3909~3913.[ZHANG Lei,TIAN Dongbin,WU Quan,ZENG Yuru,ZHENG Yue and Tang Geng.Fabrication of Gradient Electronlytic Capacitors Anode Pellet Based on Multi-material Printing[J].Rare Metal Materials and Engineering,2020,49(11):3909~3913.]
Fabrication of Gradient Electronlytic Capacitors Anode Pellet Based on Multi-material Printing
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Received:November 26, 2019  Revised:December 24, 2019
Key words: Solid tantalum capacitor anode block  Gradient structure  Multi-material 3D printing  Orthopedic  Polyvinyl alcohol binder  Print parameters
Foundation item:贵州省科技计划项目(黔科合平台人才[2019]5649);贵州省科技计划项目(黔科合LH字[2016]7221号);贵州省“125计划”重大科技专项(黔教合重大专项字[2014]029)
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ZHANG Lei,TIAN Dongbin,WU Quan,ZENG Yuru,ZHENG Yue and Tang Geng  
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      The design, processing and fabrication of high energy density and power density solid tantalum capacitor anode blocks are the hotspots and difficulties in current research.In the experiment, the anode block of tantalum capacitor with gradient structure was fabricated by using the direct writing 3D printing technology of multi-material slurry.The preparation technology of anode block printing was studied, and the influences of size ratio, extrusion amount, layer spacing and printing speed on the forming effect were analyzed.The results showed that the slurry prepared with tantalum powder, binder PVA (polyvinyl alcohol) and solvent water (ratio: 7.5:1:5) had a printing speed of 3 mm/s, a gas pressure of 765 KPa, and a print pinhole inner diameter of 0.84. Mm, layer spacing of 0.5mm, through the model design, print slurry configuration, dual nozzle printing, wire insertion (welding), orthopedic, sintering and chemical conversion processes, the anode block shape with gradient structure is regular and uniform The shrinkage rate is between 9.7% and 14.5%, and the CV per unit mass is 53200μF.V/g, which is 15.6% higher than that of similar products, which basically meets the industrial production demand. This technology is a beneficial supplement to the existing processing and preparation technology, and is a useful exploration of the high power density and energy density electrolytic capacitor anode block preparation technology.