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巨建涛,杨康帅,棘广恒,朱智洪.电渣重熔中TiO2对低氟CaF2-CaO-Al2O3-MgO-Li2O渣黏度和结构的影响[J].稀有金属材料与工程(英文),2020,49(11):3676~3682.[Ju Jiantao,Yang Kangshuai,Ji Guangheng and Zhu Zhihong.Effect of TiO2 on the Viscosity and Structure of Low-fluoride CaF2-CaO-Al2O3-MgO-Li2O Slag for Electroslag Remelting[J].Rare Metal Materials and Engineering,2020,49(11):3676~3682.]
Effect of TiO2 on the Viscosity and Structure of Low-fluoride CaF2-CaO-Al2O3-MgO-Li2O Slag for Electroslag Remelting
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Received:April 26, 2020  Revised:June 09, 2020
Key words: electroslag remelting  low-fluoride slag  FTIR  Raman spectra
Foundation item:国家自然科学基金项目(面上项目,重点项目,重大项目)
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Ju Jiantao,Yang Kangshuai,Ji Guangheng and Zhu Zhihong  
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      The effect of TiO2 on viscosity of low-fluoride CaF2-CaO-Al2O3-MgO-Li2O slag for electroslag remelting was investigated under the continuous cooling conditions and the FTIR and the Raman spectroscopy were employed to analyze the correction between the quenched slags and the corresponding structure in the study. It can be found that the slag viscosity lowers as gradually increasing TiO2 content, and when TiO2 content up to 13.1%, the corresponding viscosity values slowly decrease from 0.067 Pa?s, 0.059 Pa?s, 0.056 Pa?s to 0.054 Pa?s with the temperature increases from 1743 K, 1793 K, 1843 K to 1893 K and at higher temperature of 1843 K and above, TiO2 addition has only a relatively small effect on lowering the slag viscosity. The calculated activation energy of viscous flow decreases from 58.0 kJ/mol, 47.7 kJ/mol, 42.8 kJ/mol to 38.6 kJ/mol as increasing TiO2 content from 0, 4.3%, 8.7% to 13.1%. Additionally, the FTIR results reveal that with the addition of TiO2, [AlOnF4-n]-tetrahedral complexes and [AlO4]-tetrahedra network structures depolymerized, but [AlO6]-octahedra is not found in the slag. Simultaneously, it can be seen by Raman analysis that with the addition of TiO2, leading to the depolymerization of the Al-O-Al linkage in the [AlO4]-tetrahedra network structures, the transformation of part Q4 units to Q2 units, and the forms of O-Ti-O and Ti-O-Ti chains. These results suggest that polymerization degree of these slags decreases as increasing TiO2 content, which is beneficial to simplify slag structure. Finally, the changed slag structure is in good agreement with the slag corresponding to the varying viscosity.