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夏振昊,唐晓宁,张 彬,李 阳,姚希燕.钼系光催化抗菌材料的制备及性能研究[J].稀有金属材料与工程(英文),2021,50(5):1817~1825.[Xia Zhenhao,Tang Xiaoning,Zhang Bin,Li Yang and Yao Xiyan.Preparation and properties of molybdenum photocatalytic antibacterial materials[J].Rare Metal Materials and Engineering,2021,50(5):1817~1825.]
Preparation and properties of molybdenum photocatalytic antibacterial materials
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Received:July 05, 2020  
Key words: Antibacterial silica gel  Molybdenum  Photocatalytic antibacterial mechanism
Foundation item:国家重点研发计划重点专项(项目号2017YFC0210303);昆明理工大学分析测试基金(项目号2019M20182208050)
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Xia Zhenhao,Tang Xiaoning,Zhang Bin,Li Yang and Yao Xiyan  
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      With sodium bicarbonate and sodium silicate as silica materials, molybdenum ions were loaded onto silica gel surface by sol-gel method to prepare antibacterial molybdenum silica gel. The best preparation conditions were obtained by single factor experiment. XRD, ICP, SEM, EDS, XPS and BET were used to characterize the crystal structure, ion concentration, apparent morphology, loading form and specific surface area of the material. In addition, the antibacterial properties of the samples were tested by plate coating method. The photocatalytic effect of the composite was investigated by observing the degradation of methylene blue solution under different light sources. Finally, the antibacterial and photocatalytic mechanism of the material were discussed. The results showed that the amorphous molybdenum photocatalytic antibacterial material was successfully prepared without changing the structure and morphology of silica gel, and the bactericidal effect on Escherichia coli was good. The methylene blue solution has ideal degradation effect under ultraviolet and visible light. The material has the unique characteristics of photocatalytic antibacterial material, not only antibacterial effect and photodegradation function, but also good circulation.