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刘家欢,李争显,王彦峰,耿娟娟,岳慧芳,高士鑫.锆合金耐事故燃料包壳涂层研究进展[J].稀有金属材料与工程(英文),2021,50(8):3003~3010.[LIU Jia-huan,Li-Zheng-xian,WANG Yan-feng,GENG Juan-juan,YUE Hui-fang and GAO Shi-xin.Research Progress in Zirconium Alloy for Accident Tolerant Fuel Cladding Coating[J].Rare Metal Materials and Engineering,2021,50(8):3003~3010.]
Research Progress in Zirconium Alloy for Accident Tolerant Fuel Cladding Coating
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Received:August 31, 2020  
Key words: zirconium alloy  accident-tolerant fuel(ATF)  fuel cladding, protective coating  preparation Technology
Foundation item:陕西省自然科学基金,2020JM-649,科技部国际合作项目,2014DFR50450
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LIU Jia-huan,Li-Zheng-xian,WANG Yan-feng,GENG Juan-juan,YUE Hui-fang and GAO Shi-xin  
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      After the Fukushima nuclear accident in Japan, the world-wide research is focused on the accident tolerant fuel (ATF) program, aimed to enhance the stability and safety of nuclear reactor under normal or off-normal conditions. In the short-term-plan of ATF program, coating technology is considered as a revolutionary approach. Synthesizing a protective coating on the surface of Zr based cladding would improve oxidation resistance obviously with minimal effect on structure of the existing fuel system and properties of the existing nuclear Zr based materials. In this study, a review of coating development status based on Zr alloy is offered, including the coating types, properties and application prospects,also the characteristics of synthesization technology. Based on these analyses, it’s believed that Cr coating could be considered as the best candidate ATF material for industrial application at present, due to its good corrosion resistance at high temperature steam, especially higher than 1200℃. At the same time, it is a key problem to explore a Cr coating synthesization technology suitable for engineering application, with none structure defects, more density and higher interface performance.