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许可俊,汪刘应,刘 顾,葛超群,王龙,王伟超.无机复合纳米材料电致变色薄膜研究进展[J].稀有金属材料与工程(英文),2021,50(5):1840~1852.[XU Kejun,WANG Liuying,LIU Gu,GE Chaoqun,WANG Long and WANG Weichao.Progress in Inorganic Composite Nanomaterial Electrochromic Film[J].Rare Metal Materials and Engineering,2021,50(5):1840~1852.]
Progress in Inorganic Composite Nanomaterial Electrochromic Film
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Received:October 22, 2020  
Key words: electrochromic  inorganic material  micro-nano structure  research progress
Foundation item:基础加强计划技术领域基金重点项目(项目号2020-JCJQ-JJ-222)
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XU Kejun,WANG Liuying,LIU Gu,GE Chaoqun,WANG Long and WANG Weichao  
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      The development of films with good cycle stability, fast coloring / fading response and high coloring efficiency is research focus of electrochromic materials. Compared with the organic materials, inorganic materials have stronger stability and better practicability. The electrochromic properties can be effectively improved by constructing micro-nano structural active films with high porosity, low resistivity, large specific surface area and multiple active sites. In this paper, the principle of electrochromic devices is described. The performance advantages and development status of inorganic electrochromic thin films with special micro-nano structures such as mesoporous structure, nano-array structure and core-shell structure are introduced in detail. Furthermore, the bottleneck problems and future research and development trends of micro-nanostructure thin films are discussed. It is helpful to expand the research ideas accurately and play a guiding role in promoting the development and application of inorganic electrochromic materials.