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[Yan Zhang,Ruibo He,Xiaoyan Song,Zeze Hao,Shuxuan Luo and Wenyan Zhang.Research Progress on preparation technology of biliary stent and its coating materials[J].Rare Metal Materials and Engineering,2022,51(8):3121~3128.]
Research Progress on preparation technology of biliary stent and its coating materials
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Received:July 04, 2021  Revised:August 25, 2021
Key words: Biliary stent  TiNi alloy  Nano silver coating  Antibacterial  Superhydrophobic
Foundation item:甘肃省自然科学基金(项目号:20JR10RA387);Technology Project (XA2020-CXRCFW-0021), Shaanxi Provincial Natural Science Basic Research Program (2019JM-590).
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Yan Zhang,Ruibo He,Xiaoyan Song,Zeze Hao,Shuxuan Luo and Wenyan Zhang  
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      Bile duct stent implantation is one of the important methods for the treatment of bile duct obstruction caused by benign bile duct stenosis and malignant tumors. The material function and surface structure of the implanted stent are particularly critical to its service performance. At present, the commonly used biliary stents are divided into two categories: metal and plastic. The existing statistics on the treatment of biliary diseases show that the accumulation of microorganisms and the inflammation caused by them are common problems in the treatment of stent implantation. Therefore, the development of antibacterial multifunctional bile duct stent materials and new stents is particularly urgent. Ag nano particle is an excellent antibacterial and antibacterial material, which is widely used in the field of medical materials. The bionic superhydrophobic structure and nano silver coating modify the surface of the implantable medical bile duct stent, which can effectively solve the problem of bacterial growth and secondary blockage of the biliary tract. This article describes the common preparation methods of nano-silver coating and hydrophobic structure on the surface of bile duct stents, and summarizes the latest developments in the research of bile duct stents and surface coatings by analyzing the development of bile duct stents, coating technology and medical application practice of superhydrophobic structures, and prospect the trend of bile duct stent and its coating materials.