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[Xu Demei,Li Meisui,Dai Yanming,Ye Shupeng,He Lijun and Li Feng.Static recrystallization behaviors of the metal beryllium[J].Rare Metal Materials and Engineering,2022,51(8):2971~2978.]
Static recrystallization behaviors of the metal beryllium
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Received:July 14, 2021  Revised:August 09, 2021
Key words: the metal berylllium  static recrystallization  twin grain boundaries  bulge nucleation  BeO Impurity.
Foundation item:国家自然科学基金资助(51874246);宁夏自然科学(2018AAC03225)
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Xu Demei,Li Meisui,Dai Yanming,Ye Shupeng,He Lijun and Li Feng  
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      The microstructure evolution of beryllium which was deformed at the temperature of T = 350 ℃ and the strain rates of ε? = 10-3?s-1 was systematically studied during annealing by mean of hot compression and vacuum annealing experiment. The annealing temperature is from 680 ℃ to 880 ℃. The results show that the metal beryllium has a unique static recrystallization behavior. The new grains first occur bulge at the {10 2}<10 > tensile twin boundaries. The bulge mechanism is similar to prior grain boundary bulge by strain induced grain boundaries migration in the vicinity of prior grain boundaries. The pinning effect of BeO impurities on the prior grain boundary migration is the reason why the twin boundary bulge nucleation precedes to the grain boundary bulge nucleation. The twin boundary bulge nucleation and grain boundary bulge nucleation are the main nucleation mechanism of the metal beryllium static recrystallization, supplemented with intragranular nucleation and the particle stimulated nucleation of recrystallization. When annealed from 680 ℃ to 880 ℃, the beryllium deformed at 350 ℃ low temperature is able to achieve complete recrystallization microstructure of grain refinement, no recrystallization texture is formed in the recrystallization microstructure. Similarly, the recrystallization grains of the metal beryllium are difficult to grow due to the pinning effect of BeO impurities on grain boundary migration. Annealing at 680 ℃, 730 ℃, 780 ℃, 830 ℃ and 880 ℃, the recrystallization time is about 2160 min, 180 min, 20 min, 5 min and 4 min, respectively. The metal beryllium occurs {0001} basal plane slip and {10 2}<10 > twin deformation under compression at 350 ℃. The deformation mechanisms are same as that at room temperature, no change with temperature the increase of temperature, and keep typical abnormal deformation behaviors of the metal beryllium.