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[刘双,Feng Jing,Luo Xi,Chen Xi,Tu Yiyou and Jiang jianqing.Constitutive Models and Evolution of Special Grain Boundary During Hot Deformation of Incoloy825 Alloy[J].Rare Metal Materials and Engineering,2022,51(8):2850~2862.]
Constitutive Models and Evolution of Special Grain Boundary During Hot Deformation of Incoloy825 Alloy
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Received:July 19, 2021  Revised:June 27, 2022
Key words: dynamic recrystallization  grain size  boundary length fraction  Arrhenius equation
Foundation item:the Transformation project of scientific and technological achievements in Jiangsu Province (No. BA2015030150)
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刘双,Feng Jing,Luo Xi,Chen Xi,Tu Yiyou and Jiang jianqing  
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      The original JC model, modified JC model and strain compensated Arrhenius equation were used to describe the stress-strain curves of Incoloy825 alloy at different temperatures (950~1150 °C) and strain rates (1~10 s-1) after friction and temperature rise modification. The results show that the modified curve shows obvious characteristics of dynamic recrystallization. Compared with the original JC model and the modified JC model, the Arrhenius model of strain compensation is more suitable to describe the stress-strain behavior of Incoloy825 alloy during hot deformation. Temperature and strain rate have significant effects on the evolution of special grain boundaries. The length fraction of special grain boundary is positively correlated with the dynamic recrystallization fraction. Compared with the case of annealing after cold rolling, the special grain boundary fraction regulated by hot deformation process is relatively low. Hot deformation process is not conducive to the improvement of special grain boundary fraction, because the formation of dynamic recrystallization during hot deformation leads to small twin related domain (TRD) size.