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[liyang,lijin,xiwen and zhangdianping.Study on Preparation and Electrochemical Performance of Lithium Iron Phosphate Cathode Ink[J].Rare Metal Materials and Engineering,2022,51(8):3070~3076.]
Study on Preparation and Electrochemical Performance of Lithium Iron Phosphate Cathode Ink
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Received:July 25, 2021  Revised:December 20, 2021
Key words: Lithium iron phosphate  Graphene oxide  Ink configuration  Electrochemical performance
Foundation item:国家自然科学基金资助(项目号51962030)
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liyang,lijin,xiwen and zhangdianping  
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      As we all know, lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) is a cathode material for lithium-ion batteries. It has received widespread attention due to its large discharge capacity, low price and no pollution to the environment. This article aims to prepare lithium iron phosphate and corresponding composite cathode inks with excellent performance suitable for microelectronic printers. Configured different concentrations of lithium iron phosphate inks and prepare electrodes, and used it to study the electrochemical performance of the electrodes prepared from the optimal concentration inks. Studies have shown that when the current density is 0.1 C, the specific discharge capacity of the lithium iron phosphate electrode with a printing concentration of 10% is as high as 142 mAhg-1, and the coulombic cycle efficiency reaches 92%; based on the poor conductivity of lithium iron phosphate, a small amount is selected to be added Reduce graphene oxide to improve its conductivity. The research results show that when the mass fraction of reduced graphene oxide is 0.6%, the discharge specific capacity of the composite material of lithium iron phosphate and reduced graphene oxide reaches 152.1 mAhg-1, and the Coulomb cycle efficiency is 99.2%. It shows that the introduction of reduced graphene oxide is beneficial to improve the overall performance of the material.