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[张源,Zheng Ruining,Tian Yaqiang,Zheng Xiaoping,Wang Yanli and Chen Liansheng.Research Progress on Preparation and Degradation Behavior of Micro-arc Oxidation Coatings of Medical Magnesium Alloys[J].Rare Metal Materials and Engineering,2023,52(1):374~387.]
Research Progress on Preparation and Degradation Behavior of Micro-arc Oxidation Coatings of Medical Magnesium Alloys
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Received:October 25, 2021  Revised:January 05, 2022
Key words: Biodegradable Mg alloys  MAO  Film characteristics  Corrosion rate  Biocompatibility
Foundation item:河北省自然科学基金(E2020209153)、河北省省属高校基本科研业务费(JYG2019001)、唐山市科学技术研究与发展计划(20130205b)、新金属材料国家重点实验室开放基金(2020-Z12)
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张源,Zheng Ruining,Tian Yaqiang,Zheng Xiaoping,Wang Yanli and Chen Liansheng  
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      In recent years, magnesium alloy as a "degradable medical metal material" is more and more favored by researchers. However, the rapid corrosion degradation of magnesium alloys leads to significant mechanical attenuation and weakened suitability of the materials for bone healing, which is a bottleneck limiting its clinical application at present. As an effective measure to slow down the degradation rate of magnesium alloys, micro-arc oxidation has the advantages of simple process, high film forming efficiency and good overall performance index of the film, and realizes the dual functions of regulating the degradation rate and improving biocompatibility. The research progress of micro-arc oxidation coatings on biomedical magnesium alloys was reviewed. The essential relationship between micro-arc oxidation process parameters and biocompatibility of coating degradation performance was systematically summarized. The formation/rupture mechanism of micro-arc oxidation coating magnesium alloy was described in detail. The growth mechanism of the self-sealing porous oxide film the deposition process of the porous material and the reason of its retention in the micro-pores were revealed. The phase characteristics of composite surface treatment film and its degradation behavior in bionic solution environment were summarized. Finally, the future development direction of micro-arc oxidation coating for medical magnesium alloy was prospected.