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吕云卓,高小余,徐会东,刘政泓,王永喆.一种具有优异玻璃形成能力的Zr50Ti5Cu27Ni10Al8大块非晶合金的开发[J].稀有金属材料与工程(英文),2019,48(9):2785~2788.[Lu Yunzhuo,GaoXiaoyu,Xu Huidong,LiuZhenghong and Wang Yongzhe.Exploring a Zr50Ti5Cu27Ni10Al8 bulk metallic glass with excellent glass-forming ability[J].Rare Metal Materials and Engineering,2019,48(9):2785~2788.]
Exploring a Zr50Ti5Cu27Ni10Al8 bulk metallic glass with excellent glass-forming ability
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Received:February 23, 2018  Revised:August 08, 2018
Key words: Bulk metallic glass  Binary deep eutectic  Glass-forming ability
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Lu Yunzhuo,GaoXiaoyu,Xu Huidong,LiuZhenghong and Wang Yongzhe  
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      The wide compositional space of multi-component Zr-based metallic glass gives rise to a huge challenge for the discovery of the Zr-based alloys with excellent glass-forming ability. Moreover, most of the bulk-sized Zr-based metallic glasses contain either the toxic element Be or precious metals. Thus, economical approaches using to search multi-component bulk-sized Zr-based metallic glass free of poisonous and noble elements are extremely necessary. Here, a new Zr50Ti5Cu27Ni10Al8 metallic glass, with a critical diameter of 10 mm, was explored after only a few experimental trials through the method of proportional mixing of the binary eutectics and slightly partial replacing of element. The thermal stability and the hardness of this metallic glass were also respectively investigated by in-situ high-temperature X-ray diffraction and nanoindentation experiments.